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HAAKE EZ Cool 80 Circulator

Efficient System Design for Laboratory Use
The Thermo Scientific HAAKE EZ Cool 80 circulator is used to heat and cool external applications within a temperature range from -10 to +80 °C. Its bathless design minimizes the evaporation of temperature fluid during daily use. The stainless-steel circulator is both quiet and robust, making it well suited for laboratory use.


Technical Specifications

SpecificationsUnitEZ 80 Cool
Temperature Range°C-10 ... +80
Temperature Accuracy± K0.1
Heater Capacity 230VkW1.5
Cooling Capacity
at 20 °C
at 0 °C
Pump Pressurembarmax. 250
Flow RateL/min12
Internal Tank VolumeL3.5
Overall Dimensions: W x L x H  cm  26 x 50 x 40  
Order number
230V / 50 ... 60Hz
115V / 60Hz

Please note:

The EZ Cool 80 is not in sale anymore. Spare parts and service is still available!
For choosing the succeeding model POLAR Accel please follow this link.