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The GLACIER Low temperature regrigerated thermostat

Please note:
This series is not in production anymore. Spare parts and service are still available.


The Thermo Fisher Scientific / Haake GLACIER Low-temperature thermostats can be used for external temperature control or internal bath use for inserting objects. These thermsotats offer a high heating and cooling capacity for reduced heating or cooling time.
The bath is equipped with wheels, draining port and handles. The heated bath surface avoids condensation and freezing when running at low temperature.

Typical applications:
  - Calibration, sample and material preparation
  - Instrument temperature control (e.g. vicometer, spectrometer)
  - Bio reaction vessels, rotationary evaporators, condensers

Choose your bath

Temperature range

Dimensions (DxWxL)
Order-No. (230 V)
AC 200--50 to 200 °C

851x419x554 cm
Temperature range

Dimensions (DxWxL)
Order-No. (230 V)
PC 200--50 to 200 °C

851x419x554 cm
Cooling capacity at 20 °C1000 W 
Heater capacity (230 V)2.0 kW 
Bath volume7-12 L 
Bath dimensions (DxWxL)200 x 208 x 104 mm 
Net weight62.0 kg 
ConformityCE / RoHS / WEEE 
Including bath lid
Heated tank top to prevent icing