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Haake Falling Ball Viscometer Type C (Hoeppler)

Very precice viscosity measurement acc. DIN 53015 / ISO 12058

The measurement accuracy of the Thermo Scientific HAAKE Falling Ball Viscometer Type C is one of the highest of all available viscometers, especially if combined with an exact temperature control of a liquid thermostat. The falling ball viscometer allows to measure the dynamic viscosity of transparent Newtonian fluids and gases and also - as the sample's density must be known for the measurenent - the calculation of the kinematic viscosity. For the measurement you only need a stopp watch and some time.

The HAAKE Falling Ball Viscometer Type C is accorsing the standards DIN 53015 and ISO 12058 and is approved as official reference instrument.

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Measurement principle

A falling ball moves through a strongly inclined tube which is filled with the sample. The ball run time between two marks in the tube is determined multiple times, whereby the return of the ball is also used for the measurement by swiveling the tube.

From the average ball run time, the known ball parameters and the sample density the dynamic viscosity η can be calculated in the unit mPa*s (or cP). By conversion with the known sample density, the kinematic viscosity ν in the unit mm²/s (or cSt) is also obtained directly.

Typical application

  • Mineral oil industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Research and education

Some typical samples

  • Oil and liquid hydrocarbons
  • Polymer solutions, solvents, inks
  • Sugar solutions, gelatine
  • Other Newtonian fluids

Technical specifications

Viscosity range:0.5 .. 100,000 mPa*s (cP)
Temperature range:-20 .. +150 °C (depending thermostat)
Repeatability:0.5 %
Accuracy:1 %
Materials:Tube, balls 1, 2 and G: Borosilicate glass
Balls 3,4,5 and 6: Ni-iron

Order NumbersDescription
H-356-0001HAAKE Falling Ball Viscometer Type C
with balls 1 to 6, thermometer -1 ... +26 °C: 0,1 °C
cleaning tool, certificate
H-800-0009Ball G for gases
H-222-2007Pt100 temperature sensor
to connect to thermostats of AC- and PC-series
H-222-2322Thermometer, range -35 .. +1 °C : 0,2 °C
H-222-2323Thermometer, range -1 .. +26 °C : 0,1 °C
H-222-2324Thermometer, range +24 .. +51 °C : 0,1 °C
H-222-2325Thermometer, range +49 .. +76 °C : 0,1 °C
H-222-2326Thermometer, range +74 .. +101 °C : 0,1 °C
H-222-2327Thermometer, range +50 .. +150 °C : 0,5 °C
H-799-3001Set of sealings for Falling Ball Viscometer Type C
H-002-6968Tube for Falling Ball Viscometer Type C
diverseBalls 1 - 6 and other options / accessories


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