Lab instruments for oil and gas. Made in Germany.

Haake Viscotester 1 Plus & 2 Plus


Please note:

The two hand-held instruments Viscotester 1 Plus and 2 Plus will be replaced by thenew Haake Viscotester 3, which will continue the successful series of Viscotesters for mobile use!

►  The Viscotester 3 covers the complete viscosity range of  Viscotester 1 Plus und 2 Plus within one instrument only.

►  You can continues to use all your priorr spindles.

►  Your results will be continued 1:1, you don't need any conversions or new definitions.

► Service and spare parts will be available until minimum 2025.

The small, battery-powered rotations viscometers are used for quick and comparable tests in manufacturing, goods acceptance or in the lab. The units can be used as mobile or stationary.

User friendly
The Haake Viscotester 1 Plus & 2 Plus are characterized by ergonomic design and intuitive one-button operation. The Viscotester® is switched on and off at the touch of a button. The guidance through the menu is, like the measurement, self-explanatory.

Digital display
In contrast to the prior Viscotester models VT 01 and VT 02, where the viscosity can be read off a scale, these Viscotester models display the viscosity digitally. Reading errors are a thing of the past. In addition, the display indicates handling errors and service recommendations.

- Quick test for viscosity determination and optimum setting of machines
- Batch controls in production
- Incoming goods inspections
- Location-independent

Fields of application
- Printing inks, varnishes, inks
- Shampoos, creams, lotions
- Oils, greases, pastes, lubricants
- Sauces, thickeners

Measurement principle
A spindle rotating at a constant speed is immersed in the measuring liquid. The resistance is an indication for the viscosity of the liquid. The small, battery-operated rotational viscometers can be used to carry out viscosity measurements quickly and reliably anywhere, independent of the mains.

Compatibility to prior models
Of course, measuring cups and spindles of the predecessor models Haake Viscotester 01 and 02 can still be used.


Viscosity ranges of spindles:

Viscotester 1 Plus

No 41,5 .. 33 mPas
No 515 .. 150 mPas
No 350 .. 330 mPas

1 mPas = 1 cP


Viscotester 2 Plus

No 30,3 .. 13 dPas
No 13 .. 150 dPas
No 2100 .. 4000 dPas

1 dPas = 100 mPas


Technical Data

Viscosity range1 Plus:   1,5 ... 330 mPas
2 Plus:   0,3 ... 4000 dPas  (= 30 ... 400.000 mPas)
Temperatureup to 150 °C
Rotational speed62,5 rpm
Reproducibility>±1 % FSD (related to full scale)
UncertaintyStandard: ±5 % FSD
Optional: ±1 % (only VT 2 Plus)
Standard display1 Plus:  η in mPas
2 Plus:  η in dPas (optional: discplay with unit mPas)