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Accessory for the FTS Horizon: Balance Sartorius Cubis II

with special app procedure for fog tests acc. DIN 75201 B (gravimetric)


To perform gravimetric tests according DIN 75201 Method B you need a very accurate balance to achieve good and reliable results.

The volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOC) that are emitted during the tests deposit on the aluminum foil and their mass is then determined. For this a very precise balance it required, according to standards an accuracy of 0.01 mg (10 µg) is necessary. The Sartorius Cubis II allows this precise measurement. In addition, you are guided through the test via the large 7'' touch display by an app specially developed for these fogging tests. Your results are thus easily and reliably determined and documented in accordance with the standards.

Procedure of app-supported weighing

Technical data

Type of balance:Sartorius Cubis II semi-micro balance
Weighing range:   up to 60 g:  0,01 mg
60 - 120 g:  0,1 mg
Wind shield:Manual glass wind shield
Display:7'' color TFT touch display
Software:App for Fogging Tests acc. DIN 75201 Method B (pre-installed)


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