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Haake Viscotester 3

Easy viscosity measurement - mobile or in the lab

The new Thermo Scientific Haake Viscotester 3 is designed for flexible and reliable viscosity measurements using a rotational viscometers. It can be used both in the lab and as a portable handheld instrument on site where you need to take a measurement.

The Haake Viscotester 3 has been optimized for ease of use. The extraordinary design automatically ensures correct alignment in the stand ans also in manual mode. The quick coupling of the rotors facilitates the change. The colour display shows the colour-coded rotor used and its measuring range. The "Memory Assist" function allows users to quickly and easily compare the measured viscosity with a reference value.

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Measurement principle

A rotor with constant speed is immersed in the test liquid. The resulting resistance is measured as torque and is a value for the viscosity of the liquid.

Depending on sample viscosity there are different sizes of rotors available so the measured torque is in range. The VT 3 shows you on its display if you measure within a suitable range.

Two versions: L for lower and T for higher viscosities

Important Features

  • Correct alignment of device due to design and intergrated electronic
  • Colour coded rotors for easy selection
  • 2.4'' colour display with adjustable brightness
  • Comparison of viscosity value with a reference
  • Mobile use with rechargeable batteries or via power cord in the lab
  • Viscosity unit selectable (mPa*s or dPa*s)
  • Full compatibility with the predecessor models Haake Viscotester 01 / 02 / 1 plus / 2 plus

Another important change is that the Haake Viscotester 3 can be used with all five rotors! The former division into one instrument for low and one for high viscosities is now obsolete with this measuring instrument. Although the Viscotester 3 is still offered as usual in the set "L" or "R", the two missing rotors can be ordered to cover the full measuring range.

Typical applications

  • Quick viscosity tests
  • Optimization of machine settings on site
  • Batch control in production
  • Goods acceptance tests

Some examples

  • Printing colors, varnishes, inks
  • Shampoos, cremes, lotions
  • Food: Sauces, Lebensmittel: Saucen, Thickening agents
  • Lubricants, oils, greases

Technical Specifications

Viscosity range
   L version for lower viscosities
   R version for higher viscosities

1.5 .. 1,300 mPas (cP)
30 .. 400,000 mPas (cP)
Rotor speed62.5 rpm
Max. temperatur sample / ambient+150 °C / +40 °C
   Rotor R1, R2, R3
   Rotor R5
   Rotor R4

+/- 5 % FSD
+/- 7.5 % FSD
+/- 10 % FSD
Dimensions (H x W x D)
   Viscotester 3 without rotor
   In carrying case

175 x 180 x 90 mm
319 x 378 x 110 mm
   Viscotester 3 without rotor
   In carrying case

0.65 kg
2.5 kg
Power supply
   With batteries
   With power cable

4x AA rechargeable battery
100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 24 Watt


Order NumberDescription
H-399-0111Haake Viscotester 3 L
Main unit, holder for stand, beaker A and B, rotors No. 3, 4 and 5, four AA rechargeable batteries, power supply
Delivered in transport case
H-399-0112Haake Viscotester 3 R
Main unit, holder for stand, beaker 3, rotors No. 1, 2 and 3, , four AA rechargeable batteries, power supply
Delivered in transport case
H-222-2358Rotor 1
Viscosity range: 300 - 15,000 mPas (cP)
H-222-2359Rotor 2
Viscosity range: 10,000 - 400,000 mPas (cP)
H-222-2360Rotor 3
Viscosity range: 30 - 1,300 mPas (cP)
H-222-2361Rotor 4
Viscosity range: 1.5 - 33 mPas (cP)
H-222-2362Rotor 5
Viscosity range: 15 - 150 mPas (cP)
H-222-1685Measuring beaker A
H-222-1684Measuring beaker B
H-222-1686Measuring beaker 3
H-222-1678Stand (optional, not included in main unit)


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