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The Horizon Fogging Tester System

TheThermo Fisher Scientific Horizon Fogging Tester System (FTS) consistently delivers reliable results for your requirements when you need to test raw materials for volatile organic compound (SVOC) outgassing, regardless of the regulations you need to comply with. Whether testing leather, textiles, vinyl or plastics, your results are always consistent and accurate.

Robust assemblies ensure reliable temperature stability over many years of operation and testing.

The test conditions remain constant so that reproducible results are always obtained over several test series. This ensures process replication at all times and compliance with DIN, ISO and SAE standards.

With only three steps you can configure the most suitable system for your application:

1) Choose the thermostat for your FTS

2) Choose the cooling system for the cooling plates

3) Choose the parts for your test method (gravimetric or photometric)

1 - Thermostat

Choose the thermostat which is most suitable to your application's needs to test according DIN, ISO and SAE standards.

Specification      AC-FTS            PC-FTS      
- Ambient temp. + 13 up to +200 °C
- 3.0 kW heater capacity, force / suction pump
- External Pt100 port, multi-function and USB port
- Ramp programming
- 2 year warranty, CE / WEEE / RoHS
- Multiinformation and data display
- Quick navigation keys
- Big color LCD display
Dimensions (H x W x D)43x59x60 cm
17x24x24 in
45x59x60 cm
18x24x24 in
Inclusive with both thermostats:
Thermostat with bath, funnel, tubing kit to connect cooling plates, hose clamps, draining set, Allen ke for level indicator, power supply cable (2 m)



2 - Cooling system

Three different cooling systems are available. Just choose the most suitable for your application.

SpecificationAccel 250 LCSC100-A10PC200-A25
Heater capacity2 kW2 kW2 kW
Cooling capacity250 W240 W500 W
Working temp. range-10 to 80 °C-10 to 100 °C-25 to 200 °C
Reservoir volume2,8 l6 l12 l
Weight30 kg28 kg36 kg
Pumppressure max.
flow rate max.
300 mbar
15 l/min
300 mbar
17 l/min
940 mbar
24 l/min
(H x W x D)
62x24x49 cm
64x22x42 cm
75x28x49 cm
Complies with:CE, WEEE, RoHS
Remarks:If you need a cost-effective chiller with low foot-print this unit offers a smart alternative.This thermostat operated in a wide temperature range and can be used for other external applications and with its internal bath for temperature control of smaller objects.This unit offer a wider temperature range and more cooling capacity than the SC100-A10. The PC200 head in combination with the PC-FTS makes operation much easier as both units are operated identically.


3 - Test method

Choose the starting kit for either the gravimetric or the reflectometric method. All parts are also available individually.

Accessory kit: Gravimetric method  Accessory kit: Reflektometric method
Here the mass of the material deposited on the films is determined gravimetrically by weighing.    A refractometer is used to determine the amount of material that has deposited on the glass plates during the test.
Set with standard glass
- 6 round glass plates
- Round foils (1 pck = 200 pcs)
Set with borosilicate glass*
- 6 round borosilicate glass plates
- Round foils (1 pck = 200 pcs)
 Set with standard glas
- 6 square glass plates
- Filter paper (1 Pck = 100 pcs)
Set with borosilicate glass*
- 6 square borosilicate glass plates
- Filter paper(1 Pck = 100 pcs)

 Plus in all set included:
6 cooling plates
6 glass beakers, 6 metal rings
6 sealing rings, 6 support rings
Set of covers

* = Your advantage with borosilicate glass plates vs. standard glass plates:
- Borosilicate glass plates have a much higher scratch resistance = reduced wear
- Borosilicate glass plates can be used on both sides

To be ordered seperately:
- Sample cutter
- Heat transfer fluid FTS (4 units required for one bath filling = 40 liter)
- DIPD control fluid
- Reflectometer (only for reflectometric method)
- Round foils (Consumable for gravimetric tests)
- Balance with special Fog Test app
- Tube accessory kit with cut replacement hoses for cooling plates

 On page Ordering information FTS you can find all order numbers for the units and accessories.

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Download: Brochure Fogging Tester System FTS Horizon (English, PDF 1.5 MB) Download: Application Note - Understand a Fog Testing System (English, PDF 0.3 MB) Download: Technical Note - Horizon Fog Tester System (English, PDF 0.4 MB)